Drones in construction


Drone-based technologies stand to revolutionise the construction industry perhaps more than any other sector currently by improving the speed and the efficiency of project delivery.  Delivering everything from simple images of a construction project at key stages, project progress video of sites (to keep remotely-based stakeholders up to date with the latest progress), final project showcases, surveying, asset inspection, through to 2D mapping of spoil heaps and volumetrics, orthomosaics (where high resolution aerial imagery can be captured on the whole project area and all of the images can be merged to form a seamless single mosaic) to 3D modelling  (point clouds and textured models) and finally through to Building Information Management to assess a building project 'as built' against plans, for example.    All of which can be shared with remote / distributed teams, partners, sub-contractors, stakeholder and other relevant parties in real time and all through the Cloud / internet.

Drone technology enables the collection of images and data that would either be expensive and / or time consuming, if not simply impossible to collect via traditional / ground-based methods.    Plus by using the various GPS functionality of the drones themselves or combined with Ground Control Points, the images or data are highly accurate, repeatable, fast to acquire and very cost-efficient. 

And it's not just at the high 'intelligence' end of the process where drones and aerial photography and filming / video can add value to construction.  Even in its simplest form aerial images of your construction projects can help you win more business.  A picture paints a thousand words - there's no better way of communicating key projects or facts than with high quality images (photographs or video) especially at the bidding phase.

Either way drone technology is one way a construction firm of any size can improve actionable data, reduce costs, improve efficiency and ultimately secure a competitive edge in this highly competitive sector.

We work with a number of construction firms and developers from even pre-acquisition stage, photographing, filming or surveying land being acquired or going through planning consent.  Architects & engineers often use our images, footage or data in their various design applications.  


Thames Valley Drones can also supply CITB CSCS Health, Safety & Environment accredited pilots for your CSCS controlled construction sites.


Why not see our construction specific project progress photography & filming for Castle View, Windsor.


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