Drone benefits for the police & forensic services

Australian Police Plan to Deploy 100 DJI Drones.....

“The NSW Police’s remote piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) unit was created out of a report from the rescue and bomb disposal squad which pointed to the potential benefits of unmanned aircraft,” writesParis Cowan for ITNews.

Chief Inspector Stefan Kent told the audience that the department – with a $66,000 (AUS) grant — has already tested a pilot program using seven pilots and several DJI Inspire UAVs.

“You don’t need a $200,000 aircraft,” Kent said. With drone deployment, “you can get that footage straight to tactical command, you can see obstacles, you can see people hiding behind buildings, you can see runners going out the back door,” he added.

Kent also sees a drone program saving time and money in crime scene and traffic accident investigations. “We can get an image of the crime scene or the crash scene in anywhere from five to 15 minutes,” he said.

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