Berkshire-based drone aerial photography & surveys for solar panel inspections


Care of domestic solar panels


In general solar panels needs very little maintenance, with no moving parts.  However you should inspect your solar panels a couple of times a year as the life and efficiency of the solar panels depends on proper monitoring and inspection.  


Using a lightweight & easily manoeverable drone, particularly for any buidling 2 storey and over, is far faster, simpler and cheaper than many of the alternatives ie scaffodling, cherry pickers or towers which can cost £1,000 or more and is far safer than attempting to inspect them yourself with ladders.. The drone can be manoevered over any section and at any angle to easily spot debris or potential damage.


Being far more versatile and manoeverable, a drone can fly within 2 - 3 metres of panels while shooting in high definition 4K or 2.7k HD delivers high quality / high resolution images and footage, enabling even detailed pictures to be enlarged further to view even the smallest details as in the example below.  If there are any concerns the drone can fly over any potential risk areas from every angle.


Owners can receive a live feed (internet access permitting) of the inspection enabling them to request the drone pilot to re-fly or fly close-up to any cell or the panel wiring.


An example solar panel inspection looking for any signs of damage or debris from a nearby tree line following a storm.




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Solar panel inspections provide an aerial record of the exterior / surface of the solar panel and is in no way intended as a replacement for a infra red or other technical survey carried out by a qualified professional. However an aerial solar panel inspection will provide a valuable record of a solar panel's condition to use in assessing whether there is a need / for a qualified professional to use in their assessment, especially where they would not normally have ready or cost efficeint access ie requiring the expensive scaffolding, cherry picker or tower.  The costs of such access methods or to call in a technical solar panel inspection company makes drone-use an ideal resource for routine or one-off solar panel inspections.