We've updated our 'Want to see what an area looks like at 100, 200, 300 & 400 feet by dr

We've been asked by a couple of our clients about the 50 metre minimum we must fly from anything not directly under our control so this is what 50 metres looks like in comparison with the 400 feet maximum and a few stops in between.

The first image shows how much detail is visible at 50 metres / 165 feet

The second images is the same view at 200 feet

The third 300 feet

The fourth 400 feet and our maximum flight height

So you can see with a bit of careful zoom you can get a lot of detail at 50 metres and equally you can see how much area you can cover at 400 feet.

The first image (50 metres / 165 feet) just larger

DJI_0018 50M_164ft

The same image with zoom

And the same view taken at 50 feet